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My mission
The Dots Connection is a consultancy founded in 2017, specialized in communication, with a focus on guest experience and writing activities.
The Dots Connection put together my 20 years’ corporate communications expertise and my personal resources as an individual, including life experience that I share with my clients according to their needs.
The Dots Connection welcomes of course all diversities of people and age.
Since we are living in a highly stressful era, the mission of The Dots Connection is to provide a conscious use of communication tools.
You are very welcome on this website. Feel free to navigate throughout the pages and to get in touch with me, whenever you need.

This website terms of use
By navigating this website and getting in touch with me, you agree with The Dots Connection mission, terms of use, privacy policy, disclaimer, way to act and everything's included in this website.
Are you under 18? Feel free to navigate this website but please, get in touch with me only with your parents/guardians consent. If you are interested in one of my services, then your parents/guardians must be copied in your email.

Payments and travel expenses
All prices are without VAT.
Travel expenses (bus, train, airplane and anything else may be necessary to meet up) are not included in the price list and they will be charged in addition to the service. Travel expenses up to €150 are anticipated by me and will be added to the invoice. Travel expenses higher than €150 are directly under the client's responsibility: I select suppliers and make bookings and whatever needed, wherever possible, and the client will provide with immediate payment.
Payments are by cash or via bank transfer; please follow the instructions on the contract/quotation/invoice.
Date of payment is on the contract/quotation/invoice; please follow the instructions.
Individual meetings can be bought as single purchase. The number of meetings may vary based on the client’s needs and requests.

Cancellation of services
Booked services cancelled until 3 days prior to the selected date can be fully reimbursed (e.g. date: 1 June, cancellation for free within 28 May).
Booked services cancelled 2 days prior to the selected date will be 50% charged (e.g. date: 1 June, 50% payment if cancellation 30 May).
Booked services cancelled 24 hours prior to the selected date or cancelled on the same day will be fully charged (e.g. date: 1 June, 100% payment if cancellation on 31 May or 1 June).

Did you receive one of my services as a gift?
Congrats! Write me at thedotsconnection@outlook.com so as we can arrange an appointment.
If you would like to choose a different gift, you can get one at your choice for the value of your current gift.
Please note: you cannot ask for reimbursement, neither full nor partial; if you ask for a lower gift, the price disparity will not be reimbursed; if you ask for a higher gift, you will be charged of the price disparity.

Privacy Policy
This website and its affiliated website 'I Viaggi Della Druida' collect cookies. I personally collect all the information you decide to share with me voluntarily, such as your complete name and email, by filling the newsletter form and by writing me an email.
Collecting your data automatically includes you in my database; if you don't want to receive my direct messages or wish to unsubscribe from my newsletter, write at thedotsconnection@outlook.com, subject: “Please unsubscribe me”.
Despite of all attempts to protect your data, please keep in mind that Internet is not the safest place on earth. However, I will never sell your data to third parties.

My job is to help you understanding the many faces that communication has in life and to provide with exceptional guest experiences. I have no responsibility for any failures, legal problems, misunderstandings, dissatisfaction feelings, your clients’ complaints and everything else here not clearly declared but supposed to/intended to affect your future life/work choices and acts, which may occur after receiving one of my services. I am also not responsible for any incident and/or damage of any nature (physical, mechanical, psychological) you may have while coming to a meeting with me and/or during the time spent together no matter the location is (my home/your home/your office/neutral territory).
If you are attending Communication Counseling with me, please note that counseling sessions do not replace in any case psychotherapy, health care professional services and/or medical advice, as the Counsellor is a professional advisor who works to orientate and develop the client's potentiality and to improve the quality of his/her life. Quite often, all you need for a perfect result is to come open-minded, listen, start doing and believe in yourself. Anyway, if you feel that you path is not fitting well with your needs, you reserve the right to quit the sessions. For payments and penalties please read the related box. To help you at my best, I reserve as well the right to analyse your requests before acceptance, and the right to quit the sessions with you might I feel that your path is not the right one for you.

This website and its content is my property.
The Dots Connection runs under the Netherlands law.

Photo Credits
All my portraits by Photographer Clio Squadroni.
Photos with actress Carmelinda Gentile and lawyer Raffaela Amato by Photographer Enrico Brizzi.
Photogallery: personal archive.
Other photos: Deathtostock, Pexels, Pixabay .

Last update: 29 March 2018