Hi there and welcome on my website!

I am a communication consultant, based between Italy and The Netherlands. I work both with private and business and I offer writing services.

I have 20 years of mixed experience in marketing, communication and counselling and my preferred professional fields are, art and culture, travel and tourism, entertainment.

I like social media and the idea of global connection they bring with them. My favourite quote is: “what’s the point of being fast if the brain has melted down the street?”

If you want to read my complete resume, please visit my LinkedIn profile.



My services are available both in Italian and English. I actually speak 5 languages, hence I can interact with many of you might you are interested in one of the services listed below that can be replicable in your own language.

Here are the services I offer:

  • Promotional storytelling
  • Articles for blog, magazines and websites
  • Copywriting for websites and social media
  • Texts and docs for press release and other paper upon request
  • Writing, editing and proofreading of texts, books, letters, emails, documents
  • Ghost writing
  • Decorative writing (books/objects/invitations/cards customization)


I also offer workshops both for private and business. I manage individual sessions as well a small groups up to 4 people.

Workshops currently available:

  • Creative writing
  • Writing on web – with SEO basic
  • Blog opening and management for WordPress and Blogger – with SEO basic
  • Social Media Management
  • Italian language practice for adults and kids



Because people say that I am empathic: this trait allows me to deeply understand you and your needs.

Because I know how to write in several ways, according to the target.

Because I study the topics of the job I am doing.

Because I work only on project I truly believe in.

Because I have 20 years of experience in marketing and communication, I know what works and what does not.

Because I worked in several environments and for different industries, hence I am open to any business and situation.

Because my clients and me have got many awards and recognitions.

Because I studied 6 languages and I actually speak 5 of them.

Because I still have friends coming from my old jobs.

Please visit the page “Portfolio” for more information.



I have a personal blog, I Viaggi Della Druida. It is in Italian and it was founded in 2008. It focuses solely on introspective and physical travel. My assumption is that the body is a means of movement for the heart and the soul.

In a few words: 1) mental itinerary is the core and no experience leaves a mark without it; 2) physical movement is not necessary to travel; 3) a bit of self-analysis is a good thing.

Every once in a while, I also write short stories. I have been published sometimes in paper books and e-books, and as a guest of some authoritative people of the Italian advertising industry.

I gave life to a feminine character, Celeste, who lives in a stack of stuff awaiting to be neatened. She is around 30 years old, she has a best friend and a job she likes a lot, and she is permanently waiting for “that incoming phone call” (oh yes, the one that never comes).



The Dots Connection is a consultancy founded in The Netherlands 2017, specialized in communication consultancy both for private and business.

My mission is to transmit empathy, telling about stories and emotions hiding behind every product or service, leveraging on memories, feeling, images, sounds, smiles and colours.

This is the reason why I prefer choosing carefully my clients, and this way I offer high precision near to flawless.



By navigating this website and getting in touch with me, you agree with The Dots Connection mission, terms of use, privacy policy, disclaimer, way to act and everything’s included in this website.

Are you under 18? Feel free to navigate this website but please, get in touch with me only with your parents/guardians consent. If you are interested in one of my services, then your parents/guardians must be copied in your email.


All prices are upon request.

Travel expenses (bus, train, airplane and anything else may be necessary to meet up) are not included in the price list and they will be charged in addition to the service. Travel expenses up to €50 are anticipated by me and will be added to the invoice. Travel expenses higher than €50 are directly under the client’s responsibility: I select suppliers and make bookings and whatever needed, wherever possible, and the client will provide with immediate payment.

Payments are by cash or via bank transfer; please follow the instructions on the contract/quotation/invoice. Date of payment is on the contract/quotation/invoice; please follow the instructions.


The duration of workshops may vary according to the number of participants, requests and time availability. Each workshop usually lasts 8 hours. The workshop on Italian language is tailor made on the client.



Workshops cancelled up to 48 hours prior to the date can be fully reimbursed (e.g. date: 1 June, cancellation for free within 29 May). Those cancelled between 48 and 24 hours prior to the date will be 50% charged (e.g. date: 1 June, 50% payment if cancellation on 30 May). Those cancelled 24 hours prior the day or on the same day will be fully charged (e.g. date: 1 June, 100% payment if cancellation on 31 May or 1 June).

All other services must be paid for their entire amount, might the client decides to cancel them after confirmation for reasons not depending from me.



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My job is to help you in the communication things, following instruments and methods that I find most suitable for you. I have no responsibility for any failures, legal problems, misunderstandings, dissatisfaction feelings, your clients’/third parties complaints and everything else here not clearly declared but supposed to/intended to affect your future life/work choices and acts, which may occur after receiving one of my services.

I am also not responsible for any incident and/or damage of any nature (physical, mechanical, psychological) you may have while coming to a meeting with me and/or during the time spent together no matter the location is (my home/your home/your office/neutral territory).

This website and its content is my property.

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Photos with actress Carmelinda Gentile by Enrico Brizzi

Photogallery: personal archive

Other photos: Deathtostock, Pexels, Pixabay

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