My name is Paola.

I am Italian. Rome is the city where I was born and raised.

I am passionate about all forms of communication, silence included. When we do not use the voice, we speak with all the rest. Thus, I am passionate about verbal and nonverbal communication. This is also my job field from 20 years.

I experienced various environments: medical laboratories, law firms, IT companies, hotels, restaurants, television, events, music, weddings and I’m quite sure I forgot something in this list. To read my (almost) complete CV, click here. We can chitchat on it when we’ll meet up.

I have created and developed marketing plans and communication strategies. I have set up dressing rooms, parties, churches and fair booths. I have sold things, managed budgets and supervised 2-people as well as 500-people teams. I have also made copies and answered to telephone because one needs to start somewhere and not necessarily must quit.

On the contrary, I distrust who never opens the office door on his own and who: works 24/7 like there’s no tomorrow – doesn’t smile naturally – always interrupts you when you’re speaking – doesn’t have time: I do believe that “I don’t have time” means indeed “it’s not my priority”. Even the president of a nation finds some time for his affairs, come on.

I am active against the gender-based violence with particular reference to women and children. To this end, any project you might have please get in touch with me.

I am also very focused on risk and crisis communication, in scenarios like consumer complaints, event safety, crowd reactions, human rights violations in professional contexts.

I love writing and I use to collaborate with two websites, this one and that one, and I have a lot of fun.

I travel often but never enough; I currently live between Italy and The Netherlands. I do all of this with my teenage daughter and a stuffed animal bunny that follows us even during holidays. I trace (almost) everything on my Italian blog where I write about introspective and physical travel. The blog has been voted by the public as number 14 out of 100 among the best world travel blogs 2017 by I am so proud of my little creature.

I like social media and the concept of connection they bring. I use all of them in a very different way. Take a look at this website’s footer and choose where to follow me.

One my fav quotes is: “What is the point of velocity if brain melts on the street?”. It is of St. Augustin, if I don’t get wrong. If it’s not so, if you know the real author and if you’ve got any proof, write me and I will correct this paragraph immediately.

Human relationship is my faith, no matter how long our connection lasts, it can be minutes or years. For all this, I wrapped my job together with my studies and I transformed it into a new path, which is where you are in this moment: The Dots Connection.

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