Services and prices

All services are available in Italian and English. Anyway I also speak French, Spanish and some Dutch. You can choose how: meet up in person, via skype or at the phone. I work with every nationality and with all the countries: there are no barriers. We can meet basically anytime with mutual respect: I usually do not work on Sundays but we can find a deal if this is the only time you have.

If you live in Italy we can meet in Rome.

If you live in The Netherlands we can meet in Amsterdam or Utrecht. 

If you live in different cities or in another country, I can come to you, the price of services won’t change. I choose transports and hotels on my own and I book everything by myself, whenever it is possible; I am always committed to find the best quality/price deal.

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Discover the perfect service for you

COMPANY HAPPINESS Corporate communication, social media, promotional activities, public relations; support for single activities e.g. events, dinner, interpreting; customized assistance during live events.

WRITING SERVICES Articles, blogging, editing, reviews, translations, ghost writing, web writing.

All prices tbd, based on projects, requests and duration.


Italy Special

LOVIN’ITALY Nice conversation lessons for those who want to practice the Italian language: talks, composition and creative writing in Italian.

We do all of this in a very unusual and customized way: come by to discover it!

Each session is of 90 minutes. Price: € 40.


Go Beyond!

How does communication affects your daily life? What makes the difference allowing you to stand out? Go beyond the common perception and discover your potential with one of these customized services.

B-IMAGE Your appearance: colours, hairdressing and wardrobe study. It may include personal shopping (company). 1-Day workshop. Price: € 200.

B-HOME Your way of welcoming: etiquette, table setting art and decor setting. 1-Day workshop. Price: € 200.

B-EVENT Your special moment: theme, image coordination, table setting, clothing. Price: based on needs and requests.

B-PERSONAL Training, advisory and support in verbal and nonverbal communication according to your needs, useful both for your private and business life. Each session is of 90 minutes. 2-sessons package or Full immersion. Price: € 150/hour.




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