Services and prices

All services are available in Italian and English. You can choose how: meet up in person, via skype or at the phone. I work with every nationality and with all the countries: there are no barriers. We can meet basically anytime with mutual respect: I usually do not work on Sundays but we can find a deal if this is the only time you have.

If you live in The Netherlands you can ask for live meetings instead of skype sessions, we can meet in Utrecht or Amsterdam. You can also ask for support in your daily activities for a better understanding of the territory (e.g. going together to public offices). If you live in Italy we can meet in Rome. If you live in different cities or in another country, I can come to you, the price of services won’t change. I choose transports and hotels on my own and I book everything by myself, whenever it is possible; I am always committed to find the best quality/price deal.

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Services For You

Personal guide – Coaching and counselling sessions. Training, advisory and support in verbal and nonverbal communication according to your needs. Each session is of 60 minutes. Price: € 50/hour.

Career guidance – Study of your talent, study of business opportunities, guide to business plan. Price: tbd based on project.

Professional image renovation – Check of the online image including social media, tips and adjustments; CV, cover letter and LinkedIn check and rewriting. Price: € 150. CV only: € 100.


Services for Companies and Freelance Professionals

Company Happiness – Corporate communication, employees’ satisfaction, support on job interviews; crisis communication, social media, promotional activities. Services can be purchased as a single voice or in combination.

Dedicated Support – E.G. special events, dinner, interpreter.

All Areas – Personal assistance during events based on needs, including check of dressing rooms, catering and working area.

All prices tbd, based on single projects, requests, duration.


Special Services

Schools Special – Seminars for students. Topic: every school chooses its preferred topic among the services listed in this website. Price: € 250 each seminar.

Italian Lifestyle – Nice conversation sessions for those who want to practice the Italian language; composition and creative writing in Italian. We do all of this in a very unusual and customized way. Each session is of 90 minutes. Price: € 50.

Image Harmony – Customized Image Consultancy: colours, hairdressing and wardrobe study. It may include personal shopping (company). Daily price: € 250.

Perfect Wedding – Wedding and Bride Image Consultancy: theme, image coordination, table setting, wedding dress. Price: based on needs and requests.


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